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The Results >> UFC Vegas 63: Kattar Vs Allen

Tricky night for the team and disappointing results for a number of fighters.

Two fights were ended prematurely due to Hawes and Kattar sustaining knee injuries in the first round. However, it did seem that Allen was getting the better of Kattar prior to the injury.

The incorrect decision on the Jacoby Vs Roundtree fight destroyed our chances of profiting on the pre-fight bets, as the majority of our money was on Jacoby as a single and Jacoby and Acosta as a double.

If Jacoby was give the win, this would have meant 3 units profit and a 43% return on our investment.

However, the results are as follows...

  • 4 out of 10 picks correct

  • 2 perfect picks (winner and method correctly selected)

  • Bet 7.05 units, lost 2.45 units

  • -35% return on investment (ROI)

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