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Managing risk and your bankroll are critical when trying to build a balance and consistently increase your revenue.


You might think we’re stating the obvious here, but it is essential that you don’t risk 100% of your bankroll on one card, because if you lose all your bets, you will be down to zero and wont have any money to bet with the following week.


In order to ‘manage’ your bankroll and ensure you don’t spend it all at once, you need to limit your spending. We usually only commit 10% of our bankroll to one event, so if we were to lose all our bets, we would still have 90% of our bankroll left for the next event.


The way we profit following our strategy is to beat the bookies in small ways often, which compounds to big profits in the long term.


On average we have an accuracy rate of 70%, which means we win 7 out of 10 bets we place and therefore lose 3 out of 10. Do not expect to win every bet you place. You need to ride out the losses and continue to follow the strategy. As we win more bets than we lose, we will see our balance grow over the long term.


As with any investment your money is at risk when you place a bet, which means you could lose your money. Therefore you need a bankroll to play with, that you are not going to need to dip into for other expenses. If you dip into the pot, you will not benefit from the compound effect.


To ensure you don’t spend all your bankroll on a single event, we use a management strategy. Professional poker players and day traders use this bankroll management strategy on the stock market and have proven to be effective. The basis of the system is that one unit equals 1% of your balance. (For example: with a bankroll of £2500, one unit equals £25). As your balance increases the size of your unit increases and vice versa. This means that as your bankroll increases, your profit increases exponentially, and at the same time you can absorb any losses along the way and recover.


As you become more confident with the system, you may choose to increase your unit size to 3-5% of your bankroll.


All our recommended bets will be calculated in units, so all you will need to do is work out 1% of your bankroll, so you know how much money to place on the bets.


For example, if your pot is £1000, your unit size will be £10. (1000/100 = 10)


To get the maximum results here, you will need to take advantage of the compounding effect. This is how investors and companies make money. They invest their money and earn interest on it and then leave the interest in the pot to earn interest on that interest. This is how you will see your money grow exponentially.


If you take the profit out of the pot at the end of each month, your unit size will not grow and you will stunt your earning potential.


To give you an example, based on our results from March 2021 – to January 2022.


If you started with a bankroll of £2000, your unit size would have been £20.


By the end of January 2022, your bankroll would have increased to £8,166 and your unit size would be £81.66.


This means that on a given week in March 2021, say your profit is 5 units, you would have made £100 (5 x £20) but in January 2022 you would have made £408 (5 x £81.66).


The profit is still 5 units, but as your unit size has now increased from £10 to £81.66, your profit is now four times the amount it was 10 months ago.


If you do not allow your bankroll to compound, your unit size will not increase and your profit will plateau.

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